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The prime example of a digital asset management platform



Create the best of cloud based enterprise asset management system.

When I first joined WPP, Zonza was provided with a good backend, but the user experience, the user interaction and look and feel were outdated. So, after recreating the entire HSBC platform, I was given the role to rethink the entire Zonza platform. So I immersed myself into the product, to test it and to see first hand what needed to be done.


This platform was being used by many big clients to move their assets globally, to save time and process in these large corporations.

I started by studying each of the company's flows, and each user’s flows too.

It became evident that a restructure had to take place, and that several requirements were outdated.

I'm happy to have introduced Sketch to the company that at the time was using Photoshop to define UI. My choice of Sketch combined with Zeplin and Axure improved both production and communication with the developer's team.

Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 13.15.29.png

Empower the user

My new approach was set to empower our clients (J&J, Nike, GSK,

Dreager and many more) by giving them something clean, classy,

while enforcing the brand guidelines I created for Zonza.


UX & UI refresh

After testing it with the users it was clear I had to simplify flows, and the system had fallen into bad UX. It was also not aesthetically appealing.


Final product

The final result was the the culmination of many months of endless testing, researching and backend improvements that gave me the

opportunity to also radically update the overall user interface up to the newer standards.

Assets - SF - ON.png
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