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I'm Roberto Grosso

I’m an Italian senior UI UX designer, mentor, multidisciplinary artist, and a nice human.

I’m passionate about creating usable digital products and working with nice people.

I've created user-centric experiences and managed the design process for companies like McKinsey & Co, HSBC, WPP, J&J, and GSK. At the beginning of my career, I was also a creative force for companies like Yahoo! and MySpace, I developed campaigns for the Search Alliance between Yahoo! and Microsoft, The Premier League and I worked closely with David Beckham for the 2010 World Cup.

Work Experience


Design Lead - Global (2023-now)

As Design Lead, I manage and oversee the design process for the Corporate Finance Analytics platform at McKinsey & Co, from ideation to implementation. Applying agile methodologies, I collaborate with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality products. With a user-centered design approach, I conduct research and lead design sprints to create a user-friendly and visually compelling platform for handling complex financial data and analytics. This role has allowed me to refine my design skills, leadership abilities, and strategic thinking while contributing to the success of a critical internal tool at a leading global consultancy.

UI/UX Design Mentor - Freelance - USA (2020-now)

As a UI/UX Design mentor, I mentor students globally to achieve design industry aspirations. I specialize in empowering mentees to reach full potential, facilitating individual design approaches and fostering user-centered mindset, using my expertise to facilitate the discovery of individual design approaches and fostering a user-centered design mentality within my mentees.

Senior UI/UX Designer - Hogarth WW - WPP - London (2013-2019)
I have successfully led design, research, prototyping, and testing of digital asset management platforms for clients HSBC, J&J and Nike. Skilled in solving challenges by quickly updating UI and improving UX through user testing. Adept at implementing changes for improved usability and cohesive design aesthetic.

UI/UX and Brand Designer - Wish’n’Mix - London (2012-2013)
I have created and delivered a unique and visually striking user interface for a startup in the gift giving market. I have balanced a visually appealing layout, with distinct UX features, aligning with the startup's quirky nature.

Brand UX Designer - - London (2011-2012)
I have delivered a user-centered design for a ticketing startup. Proven my skills by streamlining purchase process and providing efficient pathways for users in a competitive market. I have enhance the brand's competitive edge by providing a quick and easy buying experience.

Visual Designer - Yahoo! - London (2010-2011)
In my second spell, I focused on creating B2B marketing campaigns, including designing the World Cup campaign with David Beckham. Skilled in producing and translating files for various formats, including newspapers, magazines, and digital ads for global distribution.

Creative Designer - MySpace - London (2009-2010)
I have created and delivered global ad campaigns and orchestrated successful album launches for Green Day, Prodigy, and Lily Allen. Led the live launch of the Eurovision project.


Visual Designer - Yahoo! - London (2006-2009)
In my first job as a designer, and as a central role in the European marketing team, I honed my skills and became a design lead, managing a team of 2 designers offsite, to deliver B2C marketing solutions for the European market.

UI kits, user research, design process, user testing and mentoring

Branding, mentoring, album covers and art

I've been creating brand identities and styleguides for many companies around the world: Yahoo!, David Beckham, MySpace, HSBC, J&J and many more. I also collaborated with big names in the music industry designing their covers and their marketing campaigns. 
Between workloads I manage to have exhibitions around the world with my art mixing visuals, music, and augmented reality.


Brand guidelines for HSBC, Yahoo!, MySpace, WPP, J&J and more.


From David Beckham World Cup campaign to Green Day album launch.

Album covers

Planet Funk, Franz Kirmann, BAFTA winning documentary and more.


I mix

visuals, music, and augmented reality.

Clients, brands and companies


McKinsey & Company




Johnson & Johnson



Visual and Brand Designer



Creative Designer



Senior UI/UX Designer


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