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Giving the best present has never been easier



How can you give someone a gift they want without asking them?

Secret santas, as well as birthdays, are never an easy task when your

budget is limited, and your time too. In a fast paced environment, it usually means giving something of little value that ends up in the trash very soon after.

Wish’n’Mix solves this by giving you the opportunity to create the best

wishlist, and making sure that people will by, randomly, something within their budget and that you will like, as you made the list.


From the ground up this was a good challenge as I could solve a

functional problem with a creative approach. The stakeholders were open to a series of new ideas when it comes to displaying results, as it was the premise of the start up: to be innovative and creative.

This idea led me to make the entire process of gift buying using this tecnhnique. Displaying items in a random order, all still from your wishlist, was key to mantain a fun aspect of the platform, while still delivering a functional and consistent method to the final user.

Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 13.52.20.png

Make it fun

Creating a brand and its guidelines is something that excites me, especially when it comes to expressing a positive idea. So, the whole experience should reflect that.
In its final iterations, the platform became a living environment where the user could play with “Mix it” buttons while still approaching

the platform in its most efficient way.

To add extra value I designed I side part where you could connect directly to Amazon to add products. From this moment the start

up also started working to sell the idea to Amazon, who already had a wishlist, but with a completely different concept.


Test, test, test

When you're bringing a new concept to the market it is always mandatory to test every little bit of it.

My plan was to bring this new idea to life with a custom interaction, to reflect its quirkiness, to make it stand out from the crowd.
In order to validate my assumptions, I had to test each flow with many users.

3 (3).png

Final product

Here you can see part of the buying process that allows you to select the amount, the person and without knowing what gift you will be giving, but because the list has already been created by the receiver, you know it will be something they want.

The platform was then delivered to be fully mobile and smart devices responsive, fast, and easy to use.

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