Art Exhibitions:

Some of the most recent exhibitions I had around the world with my artworks.
The list includes won competitions, personal shows, and publications.


The Innovate Show - New York

The Untitled Space - September-October 2021

I'm proud of being part of this exciting group show where artists have been asked to push the boundaries of art as we conceive it today.

Gradara Contemporanea - Italy

Gradara Castle - June-July 2021

As the main exhibition was around the celebration of Dante and the Canto V of Inferno, I created a site-specific piece to celebrate the dramatic story of Paolo e Francesca.


Ashurst Art Prize Winner 2019 - London

Ashurst - 2020

In 2019 I won the Ashurst Art Prize, The Choice Award, and I exhibited my artworks in a solo show at the Ashurst HQ in Liverpool street in London in 2019 and 2020.

Artrooms Awards - London

Melia White House - 2019

Artrooms Awards is an occasion that happens every year in London and other locations around the world. I have been lucky to be selected for several years to exhibit and sell my works at the Melia White House in London.


I Let the Melody Shine - London

Rich Mix - 2019

After winning the Ashurst Art Prize I was awarded a solo show at Rich Mix, where I created an immersive experience where the audience could use the Artivive app to see the augmented reality in my pieces.


Riba North Museum - Liverpool

Riba North Museum - 2019

Working with the Modigliani Foundation has been another highlight of my career where I exhibited in Liverpool during The Beatles week and I happily exhibited Eleanor Rigby and my first self portrait.

The Other Art Fair - London

Victoria House - 2019

Working with Saatchi has always been a pleasure and The Other Art Fair is always such a great moment to meet new collectors and other artists to showcase my best and newest pieces.


Chashama Gala - New York

One World Trade Center - 2019

Exhibiting with See Me is always a great experience and this time we had a full floor at The One World Trade Center to showcase some incredible artworks to a savvy and art hungry audience in New York.