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Some of the most recent exhibitions I had around the world with my artworks.
The list includes won competitions, personal shows, and publications.

Vision Art Fair - Lisbon

Cordoaria Nacional - June 2024

My first art fair in Lisbon, a group show of artists from all over the world, in Portugal's capital, and my new home.
The Cordoaria Nacional hosts all major art events in Lisbon, so it was special to exhibit here, and sell my latest pieces to Portuguese collectors.

The Innovate Show - New York

The Untitled Space - September-October 2021

I'm proud of being part of this exciting group show where artists have been asked to push the boundaries of art as we conceive it today.

The Untitled Space is a contemporary space in Tribeca, New York, and my piece Heat Waves has been shining there with its augmented reality side.

Gradara Contemporanea - Italy

Gradara Castle - June-July 2021

As the main exhibition was around the celebration of Dante and the Canto V of Inferno, I created a site-specific piece to celebrate the dramatic story of Paolo e Francesca.

Gradara Contemporanea is an annual show, based in the heart of Tuscany.


Ashurst Art Prize Winner 2019 - London

Ashurst - 2019-2020

In 2019 I won the Ashurst Art Prize, The Choice Award, and I exhibited my artworks in a solo show at the Ashurst HQ in Liverpool street in London in 2019 and 2020.

Proud to have won, between these many talented artists.

Artrooms Awards - London

Melia White House - 2019

Artrooms Awards is an occasion that happens every year in London and other locations around the world. I have been lucky to be selected for several years to exhibit and sell my works at the Melia White House in London.

Working with Cristina Cellini Antonini, the mind behind Artrooms, is always a pleasure for her professionalism.


I Let the Melody Shine - London

Rich Mix - 2019

After winning the Ashurst Art Prize I was awarded a solo show at Rich Mix, where I created an immersive experience where the audience could use the Artivive app to see the augmented reality in my pieces.

Rich Mix is an incredible space in Shoreditch where art, movies, music find the right space to push ideas.

The Other Art Fair - London

Victoria House - 2019

Working with Saatchi has always been a pleasure and The Other Art Fair is always such a great moment to meet new collectors and other artists to showcase my best and newest pieces.

Every show and fair I attend gives me something different and The Other Art Fair is unique in its audience.


Riba North Museum - Liverpool

Riba North Museum - 2019

Working with the Modigliani Foundation has been another highlight of my career where I exhibited in Liverpool during The Beatles week and I happily exhibited Eleanor Rigby and my first self portrait.

Exhibiting in Liverpool next to a John and Yoko exhibition, has been priceless to me.

Chashama Gala - New York

One World Trade Center - 2019

Exhibiting with See Me is always a great experience and this time we had a full floor at The One World Trade Center to showcase some incredible artworks to a savvy and art hungry audience in New York.

Incredible show at the tallest building in town, with an incredible group of artists. Unique night!

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