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In 2009 I was working for MySpace in London, while I was creating my first artworks. I was lucky enough to get the attention of Kanye West, he loved my art and featured me as his favourite artist that month.

Artist of the month

Kanye West

In 2009 I was working with several models around the world for my first series of pieces, and one was quite a successful one, featuring Rochelle Haisley.

In this series, I was looking into implementing design, art and music all in one place.

One night I was coming back home when I notice that my mailbox was full, and many people congratulating me, then I discovered that my hard work had paid off, Kanye West featured my art on his blog, the most followed in the world at that time, as his favourite artist.

That gave me the confidence I had talent in the visual arts, so I kept going and kept pushing the boundaries of my vision as an artist.

Thank you Kanye!

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