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Riding a bike and excercice has never been easier

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This young startup set out to create the best platform to book bike riding sessions for the South Korean market.

The main competitor on the market was Soulcycle and I analysed their approach visually and in terms of experience. Once the interaction was clear, and mostly involved booking your group ride, I could then focus on how to make it stand out.

Different culture

Colors have then become my focus, as it’s quite a different approach on how we perceive those in the Western culture. I focused on joy, happiness, and themes that bring that pop aesthetic up, with meaning in the South Korean culture.



Once the platform was coming together I could then focus again

on making the experience the main selling point. Small transitions,

sliding titles, videos, headers, anything to make it stand out. At this stage I was also testing how both English and Korean language would work together.

Home_Korean (1).png

Less is more

Stunning intro, simple navigation, and an intuitive system to book your ride, made this entire platform from a rough concept to a reality in a matter of just a few months of work.

This project is important for me as I could test my skills in a completely different culture.

Screenshot 2022-09-28 at 18.00.34.png


Working remotely with a team of South Korean developers, I had to make sure that everything was clear from my side, so apart from the Sketch files and code, I also delivered a full guide on how elements had to be placed.

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