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Let us find your next favourite destination



Create a mobile app where users can find their next destination quickly. Find the best hotel anywhere in the world for your budget by comparing prices, weather conditions, ratings, discounts, long and short stays.



Many travellers find it difficult to look for their best destination when results are not clear and end up  with a bad experience.


Develop an app and improve user experience by empowering search results and making a painless booking flow.


Design process

User research

In my testing I discovered the most common pain points when booking a hotel. The difficulty comes first to find the right hotel, then to quickly understand if the price is the exact amount or if there are hidden costs.
I also noticed a particular time frame for it. After just 5/10 minutes the users were becoming more and more frustrated to the point of giving up the search. This is related to the inhability to translate the user's needs into an efficient search engine.

Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 18.36.59.png

UI Kit

As pictures need to stand out I used a minimalistic approach and used colors only when useful for the user to identify certain details of the hotel.

Simple journey

All users all looking for something designed for them, in this case, the best hotel, but they all want the simplest and most effective experience.

Simple flows are difficult to achieve, so I decided to keep information minimal to guide them toward their best hotel choice, in the shortest amount of time.
This rationale might increased the number of steps, but it provides a clear and painless way to find your hotel.



Each product is unique in its own way, and what differentiates this one is the way to narrow your search to quickly find your best result. 

Is it better to show general results quickly or specific results with a little more engagement from the user?
Time spent on the application is a factor, so to avoid a full drop in engagement I created a few extra step for the user then in the end delivers better results and doesn't get the user frustrated, meaning they will be more inclined to book the hotel.

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