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Kuku - Experience spaces

Your creative space to rent is just one click away



Create the best search platform for creative spaces that usually are

hidden or not clearly defined on the market.

These particular spaces include photoshoot rooms, rehearsal studios,

artists studios and creative working locations and I had to find a way to display them all fairly for our diversified array of users.


As a placeholder we called it Brightspace.

I met with the stakeholders to understand their business requirements. Then I started creating wireframes. The home page is always the main window for users, so it had to be a perfect balance of simple interaction

and striking content.


The extensive competitor analysis gave me a pretty accurate idea on where I could focus on, the unique opportunities on the market.

Looking at competitors like Aribnb, Appearhere, Rightmove and many more was key to understand how to present the company, how to make it unique for experience and look and feel.

Each page was then designed to focus on the space itself, the price, the location, customer review and the amenities.

This makes the choice of selecting the space much easier for each user.



The challenge was to create an easy way to connect both landlords of these spaces with a growing community of creatives.

So, my whole process was designed around this connection: the user had to find what they were looking for, quickly and in a creative display, where pricing and rating would matter in your ranking in the search results pages.

Each wireframe has been tested by several professionals to validate my first assumptions.


Final product

Once the whole platform was tested and approved by all stakeholders, I also delivered the brand guidelines where colors, fonts, buttons and all elements were clear to be reproduced in the future for any material offline or online.

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