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King's Cross Arthouse

Prime real estate borough requires a top notch system



Create a mobile responsive application for the Arthouse complex in King’s Cross, a set luxury buildings, to give tenants full control over deliveries, moving, and all actions available for this prime real estate in London.

User focus

My role in this project was to take the existing testing and wireframing to the highest standards of UI, using a clean and effective approach and making each process painless and smooth for the user.

What are the biggest challenges when moving to a new place? Certainly moving is one of those, so in this part, I revised the

process and simplified it in its execution.

King_s Cross - Arthouse_Web_Moving_In_2.jpg

Your home, simplified

From the home page I then listed all the different options, in categories and sub categories, for easy access. Iconography played a big part so I focused on creating some custom icon that can visually

help the user while scanning the page for content.

Navigation was also simplified, as I know that redundant information can make the user feel overwhelmed and get in the way of an effective interaction.

King_s Cross - Arthouse_Web_HP.jpg
King_s Cross - Mobile_Responsive_Login.jpg

Responsive or Adaptive?

As I managed to deliver the entire platform

earlier than the timeframe given, I could then

work on the mobile responsive version of it.

Being 2012, the beginning of adaptive and responsive sites, and due to time limit, I worked to find quick wins to make this platform responsive in its most important sections, like the Log In, and the Home Page.



Login is always the main entrance of the platform, so it had to reflect the painless interaction, while introducing you to the high-quality imagery of the entire block of apartments that defines the entire area.

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